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pull the trigger...   
06:24pm 08/03/2005
mood: blah
blah, i dont wanna post, but i feel like i should. this week is just, snowboarding, midterms, packing and practice.

the in flight movie is playing on friday at the ep high school be there or get shanked by tupac;s ghost

i need a lady, any takers? you'll be saved from tbe wrath of pacs ghost

im out
2 get stabbed young buck
our lady annihilation...   
12:44am 03/03/2005
  time for a bitching whiny post, been a bit.

Things that suck-
-moving, not so much leaving as having to clean this place and pack all over again, just to do it again come august
-hylands closing on the 13, bastards
-its waaaaay to cold, i love winter i just hate ungodly cold weather
-i need to clean my car
-no practice this week
-been sober for waaaaay to long
-sworn enemy
-nic fits
-im super unsure of myself lately
-the queens of the stone age, theyre on tv and i really want to beat the singer with a blunt object, i hate that stupid artsy lateda crap
-throwdown cancelled in milwaukee, no roadtrip
-moving back to otown

Things that dont suck-
-my ipod
-comeback kid
-sinai beach
-50 cent
-moving back to otown

im totally mixed up in my head right now, theres so much to do and so much going on, i feel like im just watching myself go about life and im not totally in control. ive been doing lots of school work and snowboarding lately, ive been living in snowpants this week basically, thats a good thing though, less laundry to take home. ive been packin shit up like whoa, listening to tons of good music, having a killer time with friends, things are going good with her, i hope something comes of it. despite things beiong good i just feel really exhaisted and overwhelmed by everything.

class got canceled tomorrow=no school till monday, fuck yes. im gonna sleep tomorrow and that makes me happy, then me and stalin are goin to kato to look at houses. saturday i wanna go to the volcom pb and rail jam at spirit, anyone down?

im out
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wake the dead...   
02:54pm 28/02/2005
mood: amused
this weekend was fun, lots of fun, without booze. forgot about that. i worked 10-3 saturday then me and kevin went to do something good fest. i had a good time, dead romance was good, paira fucking destroyed, so did bonestormehmiah, the new line up sounds sweet, and they covered some end this day song, i downloaded a bunch of their stuff, good shit.. lots of good kids there to. yesterday i worked 2-7, then me and kal cleaned the apartment and i did some packing. today i was at class, really effing boring. i think im going to bucks in a bit to catch up on homework, then tonight me and jacleen are gonna kick it uptown, hells yeah.

the new comeback kid and symphony in peril own to.

im out
young buck
sweeeeet jaaaaaap...   
12:55am 26/02/2005
  well tonight was sweet shit, all i gots to say. in flight movie owned you, we played really good, and that made me happy. buck, rachel, kansas city and jackleen came, that made so happy, jackleen=the shit. perkins afterwords was just pure hillarity, all of the aforementioned people went including brian, brent and joe. never has a word like foopa been as funny. tomorrow i gots to work at 10-3, then i think im gonna go to do something good fest. should be fun, i think ill end the night at the 741. should be good times. oh ya i destroyed hyland today, dont even try to bite mah; steeeez

im out

young buck
sorry im late ive been out spoiling my liver...   
09:49am 22/02/2005
  fuckn fuck its early, heres my update over the last few days------

thursday=school, snowboarding, went to st. paul, then to see ATMOSPHERE AND SAGE FRANCIS, we walked in and atmosphere was playing he wasnt even on the bill,yes. sage owned to, had to leave a bit early due to funny as hell circumstances. went back to st. paul and and had a blast, consumed a bit of spirit and everyone kicked it.

friday=went to otown, took my mom to get her car from repair in albert lea. met up with e and konk got starbucks, lurked at fleet farm. then me and konk went to the diary of anne frank that dan was in. i enjoyed that immensly. kicked it for a while afterwords.

saturday=helped my dad and brother in the cities get stuff from menards, got my ipod, im in love with it. did work at home then met up wih a bunch of my family for chinese food, good to see people. after that i rolled for kato, derrick gustafsons neighbors had a party, tons of fun. note to self: stay away from any thing that costs 5.99 for 15, or if its named stroh's light.

sunday= drove home in death storm, worked for parents all day. kicked it in perkins with konk and slut, goofy shit.

yesterday i did more work for my dad, kicked it in otown some more, did homework. left town at about 6 with dane, took him home to st. paul, came back here and played with my ipod, kicked it with e and jason.

today i have class at 11, gotta make up a test and do a ton of homework, maybe snowboard and then its movie night at bucks. the rest of the week i have to play shows witht he in-flight movie, hells yeah braaaah.

im out

p.s. pour a fourty for hunter s. thompson
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who the fuck killed john lennon...   
12:38am 17/02/2005
mood: content
wow, tonight was rad. hitched a ride with the buck and kraut to the show, found out from patty misery signals canceled=sad, need my monthly fix. kicked it in the bus station with good kids while we waited for the line to disapeer as it was much to cold for shorts. remembering never opened, they tore shit up, but somehow they were only alotted 15-20 minutes to play, bastard emery got like 45 mins, fucking attrocious. 18 visions was dissapointing, but they played who the fuck killed john lennon and that made it worth it and tower of snakes at the end owned, minus my nuts getting kicked somewhere around my stomach.

im stealing this from you rachel---people that are good to see at shows
-kansas city
-mini kc
-christofurry's ladyfriend
-kraut (but not really)
-the list goes on

oh ya tomorrow =sage francis with michelle, jen and ritter, fuck yes

im out
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09:36pm 14/02/2005
  fuck you valentines day, fuckin makes a brother lonely, i found my own valentine its name is pbr

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go tell queen dopplopolis...   
01:00pm 12/02/2005
mood: hungry
shit, i never upddate anymore. not a bad week. yesterday was a good day. aced a test at school, went to kato rode free, hit up jumps all day, drank fine spirits while ridin, they had bbq on the hiil, straight up SHRED AND DESTROY. then kicked around kato all night. fun weekk coming up

monday-school/rehersal, snowboardin
tuesday-school, snowboardin, goin to kato with stalin to look at houses
wednesday-school, snowboardin then REMEMBERING NEVER, MISERY SIGNALS, 18 VISIONS, fuck yes
thursday-school, snowboardin, SAGE FRANCIS
friday-konk returns, otown to see dans play

im stoked, everyone should rock to eyedead and abilities too. bye

im out

young buck
there goes the last dj...   
06:36pm 08/02/2005
mood: amused
fuckin a, i havent been on here in a while, damn myspace... quick update

friday=school, snowboarding, skatin in minneapolis, kickin it in st. paul at the 741
saturday=went to otown, did work for my dad, perkins with dan and schneider, lotsa otown kids there
sunday=helped dad with work, watched tv
monday=drove up from owatonna to school, had band practice didnt get much done though

today i had to work at fuckin 8, sooo early, was easy though did markdowns and me snd jenn got breakfast, from there school and snowboarding, wish i didnt bother to go there today though, one big crowded sheet of ice. meh, i cant wait for next week though, 18 visions, sage francis, dans play and GOODBYE 303 PARTY SATURDAY THE 19, be there or get fucked. tomorrow=school, go to owatonna to get my car back and band practice. now im going to bucks to watch movies.

im out
young buck
she simply will not die   
11:55pm 03/02/2005
mood: exhausted
good shit:
-rembering never=women and children die first
-riding hylsnd every day this week
-in 4 minutes itll be friday
-evergreen terrace dvd
-the in flight movie
-warmer weather
-owatonna weekend

bad shit:
-warmer weather=sad snow
-low on cash
-shady greens time is runnin low
-gas costs money
-smokes cost money

fuckn a, tomorrow = school, hyland, practice, then i think im kickin it with kevin n such in st. paul. im goin night night
young buck
it doesnt matter much to me, as long as she's dead...   
04:08pm 31/01/2005
mood: geeky
sup bitches. yesterday was a fuuuuun day. sorta hung-to-the-over, had band practice, went well, were gonna record some stuff next weekn and hopefully have something up on purevolume soon for you kids to hear. after that i rolled to the triplerock got a spot in line with raury and some of those kids, soon met with kansas city, rachel and mini-kc. the first band was shitty-shit-shit, 4ll played aight, hadnt seen them in a while, since by man was unexpected, sorta dillingerish, but a crappy version. nehemiah ripped faces off, it was crazy people gettin messed up all around, i for the most stayed out, wasnt feelin it. they thrashed however, sad to see them disbanding, hopefully the new version is just as good.

im super-stoked for all the shows comin up in feburary, mostly BURY YOUR FUCKING DEAD. i hope he inflight movie can play some shows to, i gotta start gettin stuff ready to move home, prolly have a goodbye 303 party first, keep you posted on that. i need to get better at half-pipe to today at hyland i was getting out, but was sketchy and had trouble grabbing. i need to get over to 3rd lair this week to, my skateboard is becoming sad.

im so ready for next fall, sent my apps in to kato/south central, itll be fun living with stalin, trevnor, jason and maybe dane. good kids and well all get along super good, a house will be sweet to=partys=backyard jibbing, i wanna put aquarterpipe in the backyard. and we can all jam in the basment. i have a shitload of homework to do for tomorrow, i think ill hit up hyland again tonight.

im out
2 get stabbed young buck
12:35pm 30/01/2005
mood: lazy
back in ep, good couple days in kato, blurry but good. ive got practice in a bit i think, then nehemiah, im stoked. tomorrow class at 10, hyland, practice, yadda yadda. im tired as shit right now, my own fault however. see you kids later

im out
young buck
ape dos mil...   
11:46pm 25/01/2005
mood: good
hello sluts, quick update-
-in light movie practice the last few days, feels so good to be playing all the time
-riding hyland
-lack of sleep

boring update. worked tonight after practice, pretty slow. i got a rad bleeding through shirt for like 2 bucks outta clearence and the straylight run cd, emo as fuck but good. stoked for the weekend

friday=party in kato
saturday=spirit mountain

im gonna shower and sleep, class at 9

im out
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chances are that i wear a silly grin...   
01:37pm 22/01/2005
  SNNNNOOOOOOWWWWW, beautiful, wonderful snow, white gold. made for shitty roads. slut came up here at like 11 and we rocked it in uptown. then we went to st. paul. it took 2 AND A HALF HOURS to get from eden prairie to st. paul, people need to learn how to drive in the snow. im gonna call mndot later and ask for that part of my life back, messed around the 741 till like 930 then went to the party, pattys band played well, but ill just say though it served its purpose, not worth 5 bucks. i did have an alright time though. i got home this morning popped in grumpy old men and slept from like 830-noon somethin. i might have band practice, then i gotta work 530-close. tomorrow im goin to otown, clothes, get some stuff, maybe snowmobile, redneck it up.

im out
young buck
there is no love inside my heart...   
10:59am 21/01/2005
  yesterday was a fun day, class from 11-12, snowboarded and got worked, tweaked my shoulder. took my drum set with brian to our practice space. got chipotle with kal and megan, then met up with patty and ritter and went to some middleeastern resteraunt and smoked hooka, its the shit its just fruit flavored tobacco and is sooo chill. we had so much fun, then we blasted dre back to the 741 and "chilled", haha. fuck sluts on his way over here now. then pattys tonight, hopefully there room to dance. tomorrow =band practice and work. bye

im ooooooout
2 get stabbed young buck
goosebumps been gone for way to long...   
04:33pm 19/01/2005
mood: dorky
got new plugs last night at st. sabrinas, black silicone. theyre sweet shit, and SQUISHY, plus itd be hard as shit for them to fall out. they look way bigger than my white solid ones. i was at aclass from like 9-1 today. i think i aced my quiz in small bus. though. jujst bought some food at wal-mart and am gonna strap on the shredstick tonight, shred some sick pow. not much else to say i s'pose.

tomorrow=class/band practice
friday=class/st.paul party
saturday=work 530=10

music to listen to:
-bloodlined caligraphy
-bloody sunday
-comeback kid
-in due time
-a love for enemies
-symhpony in peril
-blink 182
-falll out boy
-immortal technique
-between the buried and me
-bury your dead
-brother ali

listen to this and you can rock like i do as of late...

im out
4 get stabbed young buck
all in a year...   
03:43pm 18/01/2005
mood: amused
whats up kids. shits been good lately for the most part. bit of drama in the 303, but meh. been kickin it at bucks a lot, watchin fururama and the the face down fest dvd last night. i think im gonna buy it. comeback kid, bloody sunday and symphony in perril rip your face off. im stoked for this thursday when i practice with THE IN FLIGHT MOVIE, such a shitty name, but i think it will be fun. i hafta get my set from ryans this week. i might snowboard yet today, but it hardly seems worht it to me, the pipe is yet to be done, half the park is gone and its 90 mph winds outside.i dropped 350 bucks on books today, fuckin crooks... i thnik im gonna go to st. sabrina's tonight and get some new plugs, either some black silicone ones or i want some like red/amber plugs, they might annoy me with the heaviness and such.

i think im moving back to o-town at the end of march. illm only have to commute here for like a month, and id rather go home and not pay rent, mommy will pay my gas and ill get a better job down there and make some $$$$$$$ for next year. it will work out good because hyland will basically be shut down by then and i jhate the suburbs. spring break im more than liekly goin to new yor with dan and slutty, see konk and partay.

im out
2 get stabbed young buck
i fuckin hate animals-johnson   
01:01am 16/01/2005
mood: cold
fuck, yesterday was fun went to moa with dan and slut, new shows/forum socks, yes. then we rolled to st. paul and i had a fuckin amazing night despite some vommiting, but that got me going again. saw patty;s band practice, should be good on friday. worked 5-close, good times. the always wonderful rachel and kansas city brightened my stay. im now in some emo-esque band with brian from work, their drummer quit. we practice thursday and im stoked, should be fun. just got back from bucks, they just moved in today had some pizza and watched the throwdown dvd, i still love that band, soooo broot-ill/chugalopolis/moshtastic. argh, im gonna drink chocolate milk and go sleepy-bye. my lightbulb just burnt out in here so i have no light, shitty.

im out
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forever and after...   
01:29pm 13/01/2005
mood: hopeful
im listening to a mix of blink 182 and dillinger escape plan right now, both are amazing. i fucking love blink, im glad im past that stupid im too punk rock to listen to them stage, the new cd is amaziing, so much growth and talent. i could listen to travis barker drum forever. music makes me so happy, i cant even think of where id be without it, so many bands played in, so many shows, so many friends, so many hard times, good times too. i went to opanera bread and guitar center with buck after class today, good food, and i rocked on an electric drum set tryin to play some bury your dead. fun shit.

m i thnik im finally understanding that im not in high school anymore, i need to take more responsibility in my life. i cant always depend on mommy and dady to fix it all for me. nor can i depend on people to always watch out for me and help me when i fall. id like to think that im a pretty independent person and can hold my own, but i always seem to go back to one person and pour my feelings out to them and hope for some advice or pity. this needs to stop, i realize that now thati hardly see her nor does she want to talk to me. most of you prolly know who i speak of. it makes me incredibly sad that its dying out between us, i wish i could rewind everything and take a lot of things back but i cant. hopefully she can just accept me for what i am and look to the good times. but all you can do is put shit in gods hands and hope for the best. ive been reading a lot of scripture as of late and just doing a lot of praying, hoping that i will get it all on track. i think things are gonna be all right though i had a really good talk last night on the internet with megs, felt so good to talk to someone that i truly care about and hear her opinion on things. im getting another job, i just put in an app at st. sabrinas and jordans got my back, i got apps to the ep mall security, which would be rad as id get a billy club, badge and mase, sluts get cuts. then i got an app at guitar center in edina today, theyre doing a lot of hiring so hopefully i get in.

tomorrow dan and slut are comin, new shoes i think. im gonna get circas again, comfy and i friggin love the adrian lopez 2's. then were gonna find a party. it felt really good to write all this shit down and just get it off my chest. coments are appreciated along with opinions.

im out
5 get stabbed young buck
a quarter inch piece of plastic ruined my life...   
08:55pm 12/01/2005
mood: complacent
look at all this posting you whores are gettin from me, lucky kids, lucky kids. well basically today ive done nothing productive. i had school from like 9-1, long ass morning. i did do laundry today and me and jon just went to applebees, nice to have a real meal for once, and they have a smoking section, i didnt think they existed in ep. the weather was shitty today so i didnt ride hyland, i think tomorrow should be nice though, im gonna be all technasty and shit on the box if they have it out, and i wanna play around on the rainbow. stuffs been messed up lately, but things are moving smoothyl, not sure what the brenna situation is, but im thinkin its done with. i think friday dan and slutty are comin up here and were gonna find a party. any ideas? well im gonna go watch tv or some shit, peace

im out
young buck
hey, its the sun...   
08:24pm 11/01/2005
  blaaagahg, i think dude wheres my car puts it best. HEY MAYBE WE SHOULD LAY OFF ON THE SHIBBYING, its good to have a night off. last night was no good, reached my limit. school was actually not bad today despite the fact that i had to park 90000000000000000 miles away. school was fun, got class with bucky. hbbad a good conversation today about stupid scene bullshit today. blaghghghg, i wish i was in otown at perkins with konk, dan and slutt. that seriously would make my life right now. fuck, gotta work, school, finances, so much shit to juggle, i wish i was just back living at home, no worries. oh well, ill be there forthe afternoon tomorrow. im gone

im out

-------------i feel better now, not so fuckin stressed, just let it happen yo
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i'd pop a cap in sancho and pop her anyhow...   
08:51pm 09/01/2005
mood: dorky
shit another wild couple days. friday adam, trevner,jay, and nikki came to the shady's, then we rolled to st. paul and kicked it with kevin, moshizzle,jen,dane, mike and slutty. fun night, did some unsavory things and kicked itm, a good night however. awoke the next morning, and came to the shay's, then me, adam, trevor, mike, kevin and dane rode buck. i got worked, i havent hit shit that hard in awhile and the bobcats of yore destroyed to say the least. that evening went to st. paul again, partyed hard and star wars trivia. went to some crazy st.paul party and it was a blast, friggin rap battles in the kitchen and tons of people. i got to work late today and it ws shitty, felt shitty. got home about 4 and havent left since. sittin here on my computer with my good friend joe camel and rockin to good tunes. in about an hour have to get jon from the train station, that i hopefully can find. kal comes home tonight, and im glad she is wegotta talk. tomorrow i start spring semester at 10 am, hopefully i get sleep. then after that otown kids are comin up tomorrow, shred hyland, kick it. shit im done

im out

you sluts need to effin coment...
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your kiss is as cold as death...   
07:17pm 07/01/2005
  shit its been a wild couple days, cold at that. wednesday me and some good friends had "fun" in kato and we rode their indoor park prior to the "fun", i dont like that park minus the ramp, all the trannys steep as hell and its designed for bikers, aside from that. thursday i got home from tonna at like 430, sat around, worked out/sauna. then me and brenna kicked it, good night all in all, she left about 2 this afternoon. i feel shitty though, im super indecisive of whether i want to continue hanging out with her, blah. ill stop bitching. tonight a bunch of otown kids are comin here then were going to st.paul to do who knows what but im stoked, always fun kickin it with everyone. tomorrow were going up to wild mountain, as they have a super pipe and a rad frickin park. ill post later tomorrow perhaps, for now im outs...

im out
young buck
i am the black dead nightmare...   
02:09pm 03/01/2005
mood: accomplished
i guess you could say that today has been a somewhat productive day. kal woke ne up at like 830, watched the news, had some food, did some paperwork, fixed my mp3 player, hit up the deck, took out some garbage left over from new years. then i went to hyland and much to my dismay they had half the park torn up for rebuilding, and its fucking freezing, i rode for like 2 hours though, good times, hit up the long flat rail a couple times as it was still up. then i went to normadale and finalized my schedule for the upcoming semester.

monday-10:00 am=US history(im stoked to take a history class, i love that shit)
tuesday:10:00 am=small business management(took it in highschool and was fun)
-11:00=visual arts (sounds good, its says your choice of work and lots of studio time, plus bucks in that class to, shady green dance team reppin)
-1:00=color photography ( ive wanted to do photo for a while now)
Wednedday=-9:00 am-visual arts
Thursday=-10:00 Small business
- 11:00 visual arts
- 1:00 photo
Friday -10:00 history

thats my schedule, on wednesday im goin to otown for my student loan, wash clothes, get mommy to do my laundry, drop dans phone off, get my camera. then i think ill toll to kato and kick it with those kids. blegh, too much typing, im gonna mess with my mp3 thingy, go to the movie store, sauna, possibly hyland tonight. anyone wann go with me to see life aquatic, i want to see it super bad???? shit bye

im out
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im no fortunate son...   
12:07am 02/01/2005
  new years eve was quite eventful. i awoke at 730, went to the band and snowboarding, but as per usual hyland is the worst place to go, EVER. anywho dan, slut and angry came up and we had a grand afternonon of savers, moa, a memorable trip to rainbow foods. lotsa good kids came over last night that im glad i saw and am able to remember the night. today i claened the 303 after the prior night and worked all day. everypne at work was needless to say a bit hungover and luckily it was slow.

blegh, i need a show, i need money, i need to sleeeeeeeeeeep. thats all the bitchin ill give you tonight, im goin sleepybye.

im out
young buck
beating heart baby...   
12:34am 30/12/2004
mood: content
sup kids, my ears hurt like bizzitch i stretched from 1/2"-5/8" at work today, my left ear went fine but the right bled a bit and hurt sso bad. i have sick all white plugs though they look so tight and im glad to be done stretching. i also got E-Concret's rennasaince cd today, friggin tight shit. its nice not to have school now, lotsa time and work. ill have a nice fat check on friday.

tomorrow i have to register for normandale, and work at 5-10. i thingk i might be ridin with rachel at hyland, not fosho though. hopefully hyland is good either way, they needto build the pipe already. friday bithes, be there or get cut.

im out
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will you do this for me my friend...   
10:22pm 28/12/2004
  back in the ep after a fucking rad xmas break in otown. good christmas, good friends, good times.

i really dont feel like posting at all but im gonna invite all you sluts to the formal new years at the 303 (no suit, no dress no get in), its byob, but theres a bit provided, food and me of course, gimma call if you need directions. the more the better

im out
young buck
the dead man's hand again...   
03:13pm 22/12/2004
mood: content
sup sluts, i just got back from hyland and it was alright, minus the fact its like -90000000000939020294 degrees outside, but thats what you gotta do if you wanna ride the sick backcountry powder hits of hyland, all the gnarly cliffs and cornices, sooooo sick brah, just shred it.

last night was good times in the 303, konk, sparky, dan and trevor came up and we all kicked it, watched fear and loathing in las vegas like 50 times, or thats what it felt like. i gotta work at 5 till close, then tomorrow morniong im going HOME TO OTOWN. fuck yes, im stoked to go back for like a week and not pay rent/food/work/school, none of that just chill. if youre in otown gimme a call, tomorrow im gonna go see the highschool, and then i think like me konk, slut, dan and some others are chillin. im gonna go eat my food now and continue to rock out to motorhead. enjoy yoursleves, bitches

im out
5 get stabbed young buck
drop it like its hoooooooooooot...   
02:12am 21/12/2004
mood: chipper
argh, im tired right now and im waiting for the dye to be done in my hair. in other news, it appeared there was a friggin ice-death storm when i got up today, i ran errands and went to the sauna, then i worked 5-11, im glad i dont frickin work tomorrowm, i need a day off, then back to it.

tomorrow night konkler, dan, trevor, christian, etc... are coming here and were gonna have a good time, if you wanna come, call me or some shit. i think ill hit up hyland in the morning as all the little kids dont have school this week and hyland is absolute HELL when its full of little bastards in a constant line. bye

im out

p.s. if you haent already, check out BROTHER ALI, hes tight
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your gonna look pretty funny trying to eat corn on the cob with no F$#@ing teeth...   
11:37am 19/12/2004
mood: pleased
shit, last night was friggin sweet, otown held it down fosho. consiquently i feel like shit right now, im gonna go throw up some more, then go to work from 12:30-9, shoooooooooooot me. to all the kids from last night, you guys are the shit.

im out
young buck